Letting go of excuses:the First Time Home Buyer

Today’s post is for the first time buyers out there. As a certified First Time Buyer Specialist through the California Association of Realtors I have studied the best way to help you get into your first home. As a realtor out in the field helping my clients, I know your greatest hurdle is fear.

As I speak to my clients they tell me about their low credit score, or a lack of a down payment.  I ask if they have spoken to a loan originator. I ask how long they have been keeping track of their budget and how much money they put into their savings each month. If a client hasn’t spoken to a loan originator, I recommend that they do so.  There are many factors involved in a loan company deciding to give you a loan. It’s best to start your home journey by meeting with a loan originator who will look at your financial records. A great loan originator will take the time to lay out a 1 year plan with the end goal being you as a new home owner. You may be surprised to find out that you qualify now! I work with a wonderful loan originator who cares about her clients. We are both willing to invest our time in your home buying success.

The next thing I tell my clients is to establish a budget. I recommend the monthly budget worksheet from Freddie Mac. A home purchase could be the biggest investment you ever make. Protect yourself by making and staying on a budget.

Monthly Budget Planner please click this link to print. .

Once a client has a loan approval we begin the exciting search for their first home. This search is not saddened by looking at homes my client can not afford, because they know how much money they are already approved for. My clients also know their monthly budget, and we do not look at homes that would exceed this budget and risk the loss of their first home. My clients are not afraid, because they know how much they can really afford.

We look at home after home knowing that this is not their last home. This is their first home. This home is a chance to paint walls whatever color my clients want. This home is a home that won’t be sold at their landlords whim. This home allows pets without a deposit. This home can be improved however my client wants. This home flows with the market, making sure that when housing prices continue to go up, my client will still be able to sell their home and move to a home that meets their needs. This home earns equity for my clients, not their landlord.

If you are ready to let go of your excuses and find your first home, I am here for you. Ready to counsel you on budgeting or credit. I am here to tell you about lending programs with low or no down payment. I am ready to connect you with a lender that genuinely cares about her clients. I also have a step by step handout, that outlines the 10 steps to home ownership.

Send me an email to joyce@borellirealestate.com or call me at 831-238-1443 and we will make you dreams of home ownership come true.

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